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Priority list

The priority list gives you an advantage and access to a large selection of kittens. It is in your favor to register there. Here is how it works. After you make a deposit of $ 500 for F3 to F8 and 2000$ for F1 and F2, the seller will tell you what your rank is in the list. After 2 weeks of life, the buyer receives a message from the breeder, who has 48 hours to make his selection in the litter. Thereafter, the breeder will call the second, and so on. In the event that the remaining choices do not suit you, and you prefer to wait for the next litter, your priority will remain on the list until you find the perfect kitten for your family. Buyers without deposit will only be able to choose when all buyers on the priority list have made their choice. To put your name on the priority list, please complete the reservation form.

Request to add your name to the priority list


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