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The Savannah cat is a unique breed. This cat, which results from a cross between un  Serval   and un  Savannah of base generation , fascinated by both size and incomparable elegance. Although he has kept the majestic appearance of a wild feline, he has the gentle and affectionate character of a domestic cat. What the perfect combination!


The behaviour

Although descended from a wild cat, the Savannah cat is gentle, sociable and friendly. It has a great capacity for adaptation; even first-generation hybrids are able to cope with domestic life, such as litter. However, he inherited from his ancestors great energy and a marked penchant for hunting. So don't be surprised to see him jumping and climbing all over the place.

He is a very active and playful cat, who basically needs to exert himself physically. Like a dog, he appreciates walks on a leash and retrieves toys thrown at him.

The Savannah cat is also very intelligent, skilful and inquisitive. He quickly understands how to open doors or taps, and he is ready to do all kinds of feats to achieve his ends.

reference: Novoo


The Savannah Company

The Savannah cat gets along wonderfully with children and dogs, because the latter represent play partners for him. Despite all this energy, this animal also has a tender and affectionate side. He will appreciate the hugs of his masters, to whom he is very attached.

reference: Novoo

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